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*100% Proven Metaphysical Healing Spray*
*Safe for use on pets and small children*
*Use to enhance meditation*

AHIELHON™ - pronounced Ah-heal-on

Introducing a new product for your pet.

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Freespirit Rocks is the first web site of it's kind to offer this fantastic natural soothing healing spray!
I have used it for over 10 years and it works!
I guarantee you will love it too!
*Only $24.95 for 2 oz. spray bottle*


Energy Medicine That Can Change Your Life

We offer this miraculous healing spray in 2 oz. spray bottles. (approx. 200 sprays)
Refills coming soon!

2 oz    $24.95


Feel free to print this information sheet!

(pronounced Ah-heal-on)
All Natural Herbal Healing Spray
Made in the USA

-soothes pain quickly (Physician endorsed - your medicine cabinet in a bottle)
-harnessing the energenic power of herbs

Simply just spray on all inflamed areas, application like:
Back pain, arthritis, stiff neck, sore feet, carpal tunnel wrist, elbow, aching knees, hurting hands, cramps, sprains, joint pain, headache, bruises, sore muscles, dry skin, stress, burn, sunburn, sores, fibromyalgia

Ok for pets bug bites, all rashes, poison ivy, sinus, acne, scrapes cuts, burns, chapped lips, hang nails, hemorrhoids, blisters, first aid spray


Spray inflamed areas such as aches, pains, abrasions, over-worked muscles sore spots, bites, itchy areas, burns, cramps, sin irritations, rashes cuts, bruises, dry skin. Works fast: from seconds to a few minutes, lasts 1/4 to 24 hours.

Re-apply often as needed. Spray every 30 minutes or so up to 10+ times/day for 2-6+ weeks to soothe chronic aches & pains.

For stress or headache, spray forehead, top of head (where hair swirls), top back of neck by skull, behind each ear and neck. For a Better night's sleep: spray as for headache and also both temples, hands and feet.

Use creatively and always use more at first, less later.


Nontoxic, odor free, non-stinging, child and pet safe, environmentally safe, non-greasy, hypoallergenic dye free, tasteless, harmless if ingested.

No Animal Testing:

Ingredients: All-natural herbal (Clematis, vitalba, Helianthemum nummularium, Impatiens glandulifera, Ornithogalum umbellatum, Prunus cerasifera) formulation in distilled water, with minerals, colloidal silver.


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New product by the same company!

ThunderDoggie  1oz.  $19.95
200 sprays avg.

ThunderDoggie Thunder & Stress Calming Spray is an all-natural topical homeopathic spray used to quickly calm your Dog and make him/her feel more secure in stressful events and conditions, such as:


Loud Noise             Thunder / Lightning 

Rescued Dog          Recovering / Dog Fight              

Anxiety                  Fireworks                  


Going to the Vet     Traveling                  

Trauma                  Rambunctious Puppy

Cowering                Sadness 


Fearful                   Nervous / Skittish      

Scared / Lonely      Frightened            

Nervous Barking     Aggressive Behavior


Dog Showing          Agility Courses

Doggie Parks           Separation Anxiety 

Pro Training         Obedience Training


This formulation was designed to help control rapid heart beat,  fearfulness, cowering, hiding and digging by quickly helping to calm and balance your dog. 


A calm dog is more focused, which can also help your dog learn faster and perform better.


A calmer dog also helps to improve your dog's general well being when s/he is faced with stress and anxiety producing situations.  This can thus contribute significantly to the healthiness and happiness of your dog,

and to a longer life.



ThunderDoggie™  Thunder & Stress Calming Spray™  Application Directions


For Dogs of all shapes,sizes and breeds.

Spray your dog: inside each ear, onto nose, 3 sprays into mouth, and 3 down backbone; all from 3” to 5” away.  Repeat in 2 minutes; and repeat again if necessary. 


You can not overuse.  Use adjunctively with standard measures of care. If possible, use before a storm, fireworks, or a loud or stressful event.


Reapply as often as needed.  After using ThunderDoggie™ your dog may appear ultra relaxed or even going to sleep; when the traumatic event passes, s/he will quickly return to normal.    



ThunderDoggie™ Thunder & Stress Calming Spray™  Calms most trembling Dogs in 3 sec - 3 min 


Yes, it's really that easy!



Use Creatively.  You know your dog better than anyone else.  You may also choose to additionally spray: whole head, front chest, stomach area, rear quarters/under tail.


Learn what works best for your dog.  Let us know what’s working for you; please email us:  

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