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  • Hi There,
    Talking about the Lemurian seed crystals - I have at least 15 that I have used for 15 years in my practice that fit the description of these crystals. They are all Australian and were found in caves and stream beds not with other crystals.
    I have always known they have come from Lemuria having memories of living there thousands of years ago. My knowledge of crystals has come from one particular crystal who is old and battered and was found in the Blue Mountains and given to me. The minute I held the crystal - at least 24 years ago not knowing anything about crystals - I knew how to use them both for personal use and in healings.
    I am a professional pyschotherapist/counsellor/hypnotherapist and had some incredible healings with these stones.
    I think you will be hearing much more about the crystals found in Australia in the near future - many of us have them.
    Australia was a part of the Lumerian empire and artifacts are now being found that is proving this.
    I think it is most exciting the crystals have turned up in Brazil, I think they will be found in many parts of the world and this is to do with the general wave that is sweeping the Earth at present and bringing all of the old Souls back home; where the teachings they hold will help in some part to change humanity.
    Keep up the good work your crystals are beautiful.
    Love Elizabeth

  • Thank you very much for your great service.

  • Thank you, Linda! The crystal is beautiful.

  • Ok! Here are the shots. The first one with the light coming through the slabs from behind & the other lit from the front. I hope these serve you well. John
    P.S. as soon as I figure out what color I want to try next, Iíll be in touch. Thank you again for all your help. The end product was a big hit.

  • Dear Linda,
    I am delighted to advise that your package with the two Tangerine Quartz stones arrived safely early this-morning. 
    They are both so lovely.  I actually bought one for a friend and I am sure I will have great difficulty deciding which one I don't want to keep !! 
    Many thanks once again for all the trouble you have gone to, it is so much appreciated. 
    Trust your short break away was most enjoyable.  
    Warm wishes, 

  • Dear Linda.
    I have received EFF136, it is absolutely beautiful and full of rainbows - Thank you.
    Very best regards

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  • Hello Linda,
    IT ARRIVED TODAY!!! Thanks very much...I just love it! and thank you for the calendar...very thoughtful. Also, I appreciate the info on the crystal.
    I will be shopping at your store again!!
    Yours kindly,

  • Dear Linda,
    All I can say is WOW. You chose some beautiful pieces for me. I can't thank you enough.
    bye the way thank you for the pen.

  • Hi Randy,
    I just want to thank you very much for your clear and extremely helpful information on soap ingredients! It took me awhile to find it, but your site was just what I was looking for to help me choose the best soap products. XXXXXX makes their "Tea Tree Oil Pure Vegetable Soap" look natural, but it apparently isn't pure vegetable at all. Back to the more expensive but all natural brands for me!
    If you are still doing such websites (this one appears to be 5 years
    old), you might think about comparing natural alternative manufactured soaps, such as xxxxx soaps
    which are more affordable than handcrafted soaps.
    Thanks again for the information!

  • Hello Linda,
    Just want to let you know that I received my pendulum yesterday and it is just what I expected. Thank you very much.

  • Hi Linda,
    The garnets are fabulous! Thanks again.
    They are bound to cheer up some really sick person (the winner of the tank).

  • Dear Linda and Randy,
    The turquoise necklace is awesome and thank you so much for the earrings. What a lovely surprise to find them with the necklace. Your website is amazing. My husband and I both love stones so I am sure we will be visiting your online store again soon.
    Thanks again,

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  • Hi Randy & Linda,
    I recently made several purchases of thick Brazilian agate slabs and am very pleased. I fell in love with Brazilian agate when I visited Brazil way back in 1977 with the Navy. I really like the large ones that are in the 1-2# area. Will you be getting more and could you let me know when they are on your website?
    Thanks again for great service and products.

  • Good morning,
    My crystal arrived this morning. Thank you so much for a wonderful piece and excellent service!
    Do you have any pieces of tourmaline with both green and pink in it around 2 1/2 inches x 1 inch? approximately
    Once again thank you, I will certainly shop with you in the future and pass the word on.... :-)

  • I wanted to let you know how VERY PLEASED I am with my order. You have quality items and super customer service. One top notched site for sure.





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