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2008 - 2009


I found this to be such an interesting story.  A Delightful customer.


  • Dear Linda,        10/08
    The mailman just delivered my crystals and they are stunning!!!!!!! I opened the bag of chakra crystals first - they were good - nice-sized, good color, polished lovely; very nice. These are a Christmas present for my 16 year old niece - a Virgo.
    Then I opened the double terminated with the garnet and boggled from it's quality. The crystal is fabulous, flawless and a great conductor of light. The garnet is also clear and rich, nicely cut; it goes perfectly with it's crystal - a perfect pairing. This is a birthday present for my Scorpio niece, who'll be 20 in a month, and coming into a nice space, I'm hoping this crystal will enhance her self esteem. The Vogel wand is for my Libra niece's 21st Birthday. She wants to do healing work - Reiki and pranic healing.
    Last I opened the vogel-cut healer, light worker and gasped! I was that awed.
    The Vogel cut crystal is truly spectacular. MUCH, much, much better than I even envisioned or hoped! The wand is large, clear but with a charming angel and several wonderful universes, sweet, and clean. The lightning bolt track is marvelous. Sorry if I'm raving....
    THANK YOU - I am impressed and pleased from beginning to end.
    I will recommend your site and crystals to anyone - they're marvelous and so are your prices.
    In Light, Peggy    

  • Linda,         04/09
    Got it. You do beautiful work. I'll check out some of your others.

  • Just wanted to say THANKS! The stone came in today so my Christmas is done and itís beautiful! Hopefully my husband wonít lose this one.
    Have a Merry Christmas and thanks again!

  • Linda, Thanks for the quick response- you are awesome. The billing address is for work and I cannot receive packages or catalogs at the po box------- Thanks-again      

  • Hi Linda!
    Just wanted to let you know that we received the crystal skull we've ordered from you last week. My wife is totally ecstatic about it.
    Kind regards,


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