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Gifts and Bookends
These gifts are ideal for showing that special someone you care.  They are thoughtfully crafted by loving people.  You may even want to pamper yourself with these treasures.  Each piece has it's own unique feel and energy.  Some of these treasures will look great on your fireplace mantle and some will function on a coffee table.  Whatever your reason is, you can be sure that no one else has the same piece.  Any gift item can be sent with a complimentary gift card enclosed!
Check your gift giving list often!  You can't go wrong here!

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Bottle of Gold Flakes
Gold Flakes
1 oz. bottle of real gold flakes
in a protective liquid.
$6.00 or 2 for $11.75


Gold Flakes

Bottle of Silver Flakes
Silver Flakes
1 oz. bottle of real silver flakes
in a protective liquid.
$6.00 or 2 for $11.75


Silver Flakes

Bookends are so popular and come in a variety of sizes, minerals and colors!!
They are welcomed gifts for anyone, including mom and dad,
your teacher, professor, your boss or your best friends!!

Natural Agate Bookends
11 1/3" L x 7" H  x 3 1/2" D
Weight: 12.05 lbs.
Origin:  Brazil
W101        SOLD

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This is THE stone everyone should have for protection. This group of stones are variegated chalcedony.     Agates attract strength. Agate is a protection from bad dreams. It also protects from stress and energy drains. Agates have been used in jewelry since Biblical Babylonian times. They were used to ward off storms. They were prized gems in antiquity. The agates with banded colors were placed at the head of a sleeper to give rich and varied dreams. Agates have been thought to be good to harden the gums.
Pink Agate Bookends
6" Wide
Weight: 5.2 lbs.

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**Singing Buzzing Magical Hematite Magnets**
**$6.95   $6.95   $6.95**
Hematite Singing Magnets

Hematite Singing Magnets
MAG101        $6.95 per pair

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These are the next "Hot Craze!"  Singing Magnets are here and can't be put down!
Whether you call them Rattlesnake Eggs, Zingers or Zinger Magnets
these high quality ellipsoid-shaped magnets "sing" with good energy.
Not a gimmick, but rather a dynamic "dance"
between two very powerful magnets!


  • Place both Magnets in palm (not touching)
  • Toss upward 12 - 16 inches
  • Magnets should make contact and begin to "sing" a sharp rhythmic sound.

These are sooo fun to play with!
Think of the educational value as well!
Each pair comes in its own plastic tube and an information sheet!

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