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We want to be your Crystal Ball source!!

Crystal Balls - Spheres
(Updated Often)

These crystal balls and spheres have been lovingly  handcrafted and polished.
As a gift or for yourself, these treasures will last forever.
 No two are alike which makes each specimen unique.
Our prices are competitive with any you will find.  Stands sold separately.
These are all high quality spheres and are much more remarkable in person.
Put any of these remarkable crystal balls on a light stand and watch the magic!

Rutilated Quartz Crystal Ball
Golden Rutilated Sphere
Quartz Crystal Ball
6.4 oz.
2" Dia.
SPH163        $96.00

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Rutilated Quartz Crystal Ball
Rutilated Quartz Sphere
Quartz Crystal Ball
8.6 oz.
2 1/4" Dia.
*Quality* Smoky
Rutilated Quartz Sphere
SPH141         $115.00

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Natural Agate Sphere
Natural Agate Sphere
1 pound 7.2 oz.
3" Dia.
SPH201         $162.40


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Amethyst Geode Sphere
2 lbs.
3 5/8" Dia.
SPH123        $147.00

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Geode Sphere
2 lbs. 7 oz.
3 3/4" Dia.
SPH124         $189.00

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Snowflake Obsidian Sphere
3.8 oz.
1 3/4" Dia.

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Malachite Gemstone Sphere
Malachite Sphere
1.8 oz.
1 1/8" Dia.

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Malachite Gemstone Sphere
Malachite Gemstone Sphere
2 oz.
2" Diameter

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The small and medium plastic sphere holders you see here are perfect for any of your smaller round specimens and are less than $1.00

You may need several

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February 19, 2017