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Vogel Cut Crystals
*Smoky Quartz - Rose Quartz - Fluorite*
A powerful multifaceted cut inspired by Marcel Vogel

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                                                                  Crystal Beauty
    Crystals take many forms.  Some are square, others pointed; some round, others flat.  There are granular stones and transparent crystals.  Certain crystals are one color, others a combination.  No matter how they look on the outside, inside they have a stable, orderly structure.  A beautiful, repeating, three-dimensional lattice created from ancient atoms holds the unchanging crystalline form. - Judy Hall

A double-terminated crystal (a crystal having points at both ends) radiates or absorbs energy at its extremities.  Such crystals balance and integrate spirit and matter.  Double terminations break old patterns and are useful in treating addictions.  They can also help to develop telepathy.

     Our Vogel cut crystals are 12 sided.  Vogel crystals can have as few sides as 4, or as many as 33.  These beautiful prismatic crystals emit a rainbow of colors when twirled around in the sunlight.  Just hold one firmly with your index finger and thumb and then begin a twirling motion.  Quartz crystal provides an optimum state of openness.  It guides you in the search for purpose and meaning in your life.  Crystals also have powerful healing abilities for you as well as your animals.  Place a crystal on your dog's collar for added protection and health.

     We believe we can provide you with the Vogel cut crystal you desire at the very best price!


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Smoky Quartz Vogel Cut, 12-sided Crystal
Smoky Quartz
Vogel Cut Crystal
12 sided
4.8 oz.
6"  X  7/8"

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Smoky Quartz Vogel Cut, 12-sided Crystal
Smoky Quartz Vogel Cut
12 sided
4.9 oz.
4 7/8"  X 1 1/8"
An awesome specimen!

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Smoky Quartz Vogel Cut, 12-sided Crystal
Light Smoky Quartz
 Vogel Cut
12 sided
4.9 oz.
4 5/8" X 7/8"
Put this under your pillow!

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